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A good journey starts with an easy booking procedure. At Horsetrucks for Rent, we offer an accessible, practical solution for anyone looking for a comfortable and a safe horse truck. Our user-friendly booking system features numerous filter options, whilst our extensive network of rental points makes it easy to find and book a horse truck near you.

How it works

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    Select a start and an end date and search for a top-quality horse truck near you.

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    Use filters to select your preferences and book the most suitable horse truck for you and your horse.

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    Complete your booking, follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail and enjoy your journey!

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No big investment, only comfortable and safe horse transportation!

For a business or a private customer, national or international stable, there are many reasons to book a comfortable and safe horse truck from Horsetrucks for Rent. Such are: the included insurance, air conditioning, navigation system and a tow bar. Combining it with the convenience of our accessible, practical online booking and payment system, that minimizes all unnecessary paperwork. In addition are the benefits of renting for the environment and your budget. Furthermore, our horse trucks and various rental points offer the following benefits:

Shall we drive a sustainable road together?

Based on our vision, we travel the sustainable path together with our clients and rental partners towards a “greener” future. By providing a future-conscious horse transport today, we ensure that the generation of tomorrow can also continue that “green” path. Considering an option of sharing a horse truck and helping to reduce CO2 emissions with it. Other examples of sustainable horse transport from Horsetrucks for Rent are:

  • We rent energy efficient A-class horse trucks.
  • AdBlue/Euro 6D emission standard to reduce the pollution from exhaust gases (for Diesel vehicles).
  • Horse trucks equipped with LED lighting.

In these ways we minimize our ecological footprint and together we make a difference at the end of the ride!

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Looking for a horse truck to transport more than two horses?

Our trucks are made with extra safety features and are very comfortable to travel with. The driving license falls in the C category. Perfect for (inter)national competitions! The horse area is equipped for at least 6 horses, with a back and a side ramp, stallion partitions, an electrical ventilation system and lighting. The minimum rental period for a horse truck is 3 months. Contact us for a custom offer.

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Passion for horses: animal welfare

We are passionate about horses, therefore we select rental partners with animal welfare in mind. Especially with a focus on horse trucks that provide minimum stress and maximum safety. That reassures easy loading of horses and sufficient fresh air and light (blue evening and night lighting) during the journey. Most of the horse trucks available from our various rental points have a pro-safety interior.

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