How it works

How it works

Not yet ready to invest in your own horse truck because you only need it occasionally? If so, Horsetrucks for Rent is for you! The online platform is for short or long-term renting. Our horse truck rental service is an ideal solution for anyone with B driving licences and for whom flexibility is important. Select the period, type of vehicle and all the requirements that the horse truck must meet. You can find and book the most suitable horse truck on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks via our very easy-to-use online platform.

Book a safe and a comfortable horse truck in just a few steps

A good journey starts with an easy booking procedure. At Horsetrucks for Rent, we offer an accessible solution for anyone looking for a comfortable and a safe horse truck. Our user-friendly booking system features numerous filter options, whilst our extensive network of rental points makes it easy to find and book a horse truck near you.

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Select a start and an end date, choose the type of vehicle and search for a horse truck near you.

Based on the details you enter in our search tool, we select the most suitable horse trucks for you. With our extensive partner network, there will always be one or more options available in your area.

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Simply use filters to select your preferences and book the most suitable horse truck for you and your horse.

Filter main options, as manual or automatic gearbox, classic or pro-safety interior, or a single or a double cabin. After selecting a truck, you can see in the overview the exact location and ratings based on honest reviews. Check USP’s of the truck and read it’s description to make sure that it is everything you were searching for.


View all the photos and information of the horse truck of your choice and make a reservation.

Having clicked on the best matching horse truck available in your selected area, you now land on the details page. Here you will find all the relevant information and additional up-to-date photos. You can reserve the selected horse truck by simply clicking on the button. Note that this is only a reservation. You still have another step to go to actually finalise your booking.


Log in (or fill in your details), book and pay for your comfortable and safe custom horse truck.

If you already have an account with Horsetrucks for Rent, you can just log in. Otherwise, click ‘Register’ and fill in your details. Make your payment in advance and complete the booking. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail, listing your booking details.


Complete your booking, follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail and then enjoy your journey!

The rental point will ensure that the horse truck is clean and ready on the day of your booking. As the payment of renting and the deposit are completed, all the finance processes are already sorted when you collect your horse truck. Therefore, no unnecessary paperwork involved! Just bring your confirmation e-mail, get your truck and enjoy!

But… before that, you must return to the step 1:

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