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A top quality horse truck without the financial investment

Not yet ready to invest in your own horse truck because you only need it occasionally? If so, Horsetrucks for Rent is for you! The online platform is for short or long-term renting. Our horse truck rental service is an ideal solution for anyone with B driving licences and for whom flexibility is important. Select the period, type of vehicle and all the requirements that the horse truck must meet. You can find and book the most suitable horse truck on your computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet in just a few clicks via our very easy-to-use online platform.

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A selection of the possibilities and benefits

For a business or a private customer, national or international stable, there are many reasons to book a comfortable and a safe horse truck from Horsetrucks for Rent. Such are: the included insurance, air conditioning, navigation system and a tow bar. Combining it with the convenience of our accessible online booking and payment system, that minimizes the unnecessary paperwork. In addition the benefits of renting for the environment and your budget. Furthermore, our horse trucks and various rental points offer the following benefits:

Safe and comfortable travel

Just like you, we are passionate about horses and believe they deserve the best. Which is why we are committed to provide the safest and most comfortable horse transport with top quality trucks. Therefore, we select our rental partners that are also focused on animal welfare, especially those who offer horse trucks that provide minimum stress and maximum stability. That reassures easy loading of horses and sufficient fresh air and light (blue evening and night lighting) during the journey. Many of the horse trucks that are available at our various rental points also have a pro-safety interior. Meaning that any type of horse, whether it is a stallion, colt, filly, a mare with foals or a pony, can be transported in safety!

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How it works

Our user-friendly booking system features numerous filter options, whilst our extensive network of rental points makes it easy to find and book a horse truck near you.

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    Select a start and an end date, choose the type of vehicle and search for a suitable horse truck near you.

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    Simply use the filters to select the preferences and book the horse truck that best suits you and your horse’s needs.

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    Complete your booking, follow the instructions in the confirmation e-mail and then enjoy your journey!

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Horsetrucks for Rent’s pick-up points are open from 8:00 AM till 17:00. The horse truck must be returned not later than 16:30 on the return date. There is an option to return the horse truck in the morning of the following day, in which case the horse truck must be back by 8:00 AM. Please leave a note at the time of booking, when you would like to make use of this delivery option. If you could not make it in time, we are obliged to charge you an extra day.

What to do if I am late? Please note that if you are late, the next client will have to wait. Therefore, please, always be on time! Call us immediately (+31 85 902 5800) as soon as you realize that it will not be possible to return the horse truck on time. If you are late for whatever reason, we are unfortunately forced to charge an extra day.

We always ensure that our customers receive the horse truck with a clean cabin and a horse area. Therefore, the truck should be returned without shavings/hay/straw/manure and well wiped out. When you have the opportunity to clean the inside with water, that would be very helpful and will reduce the chance of you paying extra for cleaning costs. We also expect that there is no garbage and dirt in the cabin and that it is returned neatly. There is always an option to use our cleaning service, which costs €50 excl. VAT.

Your car can be parked on the property of the owner of the truck and the key is kept safe for you.

The horse truck is All-risk insured within the European Union. The own-risk is € 1,000.00 excl. VAT. Horsetrucks for Rent is not responsible for any damage caused by a horse to the truck.

After checking and the approval by the dealer, we will refund the deposit within 4 working days after returning the horse truck. In case of different banks, it may take a little longer before the amount is actually on your account

If a booking is canceled 48 hours before the time of the booking pick-up date, 50% of the total booking price will be charged. If a booking is canceled within 24 hours before the booking pick-up date, 100% of the total booking price will be charged. Therefore, please cancel your booking in the Horsetrucks for Rent system as soon as you know that you will not proceed with the renting. The link for cancellation can be found in the confirmation email of your booking. In the event of force majeure or emergency, you must provide us with proof, such as a statement from a (veterinary) doctor. The validity of this will be assessed by an employee of Horsetrucks for Rent.

Then call our landline phone number as soon as possible: +31 33 470 18 28.

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If you can’t find an answer to your question, please let us know via the form on the contact page. We will ensure that you will receive an answer within one working day by e-mail or by phone from one of our staff members.

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Is everything clear and you are ready to start your search to find the most suitable horse truck? Simply use the filters to make your choice based on your requirements, wishes and location to find the perfect horse truck that best suits you and your horse’s needs.

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